What to Look for In a Lift Chair

Lift chair

Another person’s ideal lift chair may not be the best lift chair for you. Different individuals have different physical needs that will generally determine what is best for them. 

Furthermore, the best lift chair will also depend on the individual’s preferences and prices. 

Manufacturers know that customers’ preferences vary, but the manufacturer of a lift chair might also keep in mind a pricing strategy that includes the people in the money-sensitive market.

Here are some things to ask yourself to determine what is the best chair for you.

Figure out if what you need is a luxurious chair with several features. Do you want to massage and heat, or do you want to purchase something that will last a long time and get more for your money? 

After you have determined this, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my weight?
  • What is my height?
  • Am I right-handed or left-handed?
  • Do I need extra seat room?
  • Will I be sleeping in the chair often?
  • How much time will I spend sitting in the chair?

The answers to these questions will determine the best lift chair for your needs.

Aside from the questions above, you would also need to find out the following:

  • Do you want an adjustable chair?
  • Do you want a chair that reclines?
  • Do you want a chair that lies full out?
  • Do you want a chair that is covered in fabric or a type of leather or vinyl?
  • Do you want one motor or two motors?
  • Do you need a chair that saves space?

What You'll Learn...

Lift Chair Optional Extra Features

  • Shiatsu massage
  • Heat
  • Overstuffed arms
  • Vibrant colors
  • Matching ottoman
  • Armrests that flip open all lowing for a place to put a drink
  • Maybe you want a lift chair that doesn’t even look like one

How Much Does a Lift Chair Cost?

Your budget should also be the determining factor for the lift chair you need. So you should ask yourself…

  • What can I afford?
  • Does insurance cover the lift chair I want?
  • Can you get a loan for the lift chair I want?

Now that you have these questions and points to consider when choosing the best lift chair for your needs, your options should be more narrowed, and it shouldn’t be too hard for you to make your choice. 

When you ask yourself the questions above, you can determine your needs and preferences along with what you are willing to spend on a chair. 

So look at the types you want and, if possible, try some out. There are many retailers and many kinds of chairs, and now that you are ready, you can find the best lift chair for your needs.

Types of Lift Chairs

Recliner Lift Chairs

The recliner lift chair comes in two types: the 2-position recliner lift chair and the 3-position recliner lift chair. Both of these types allow a person to move from a reclined to a standing position. 

These chairs are pretty handy for people who have a rough time getting from a sitting position to a standing position. They are easy to use and extremely helpful.

The 2-position recliner should be enough for your needs if you just want a chair to recline fully to a sleeping position. As the name implies, it has two positions. 

This chair can take to a slight recline where your thighs stay at an angle that is approximately 90 degrees, as well as your back. The chair’s other position is the lift position.

The only difference between the 2- and the 3-position lift recliner is that the latter allows you to elevate your feet above your heart. You can recline and sleep in this chair. 

Of course, the other position is that of the lift from recline to standing.

These chairs are usually operated using push power buttons. The chair runs with a motor that allows a person to stand up from a recline or sitting position without going too fast. The same applies to sitting down.

If the user wishes to recline or lie down, they will simply lean against the chair’s back and push the button until it slowly lowers to the reclined position they want. 

This is very helpful to the mobility-impaired as some elderly people risk falling if they have to sit or stand without assistance.

People unable to get up can now move from a sitting to a standing position and vice versa more easily. The chair will allow so much more freedom. You won’t have to be stuck sitting until someone can assist you.

People suffering from aches, injuries, and chronic pain from arthritis and other conditions can now increase their mobility and move about with more independence thanks to the recliner lift chair. 

Some of the chairs have a footrest that will add to the comfort and a backrest to help support you. The footrest also aids leg circulation while you are in your recliner lift chair.