Shoprider Sunrunner 3 Mobility Scooter Review

Shoprider Sunrunner

One of the most popular mobility scooter models on the market is the Sunrunner 3. With the design of the three-wheel mobility scooter, this Sunrunner is great for both indoor and outdoor.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at why the Shoprider Sunrunner mobility scooter has stood the test of time!

What You'll Learn...

Shoprider Company Overview

Shoprider Mobility Products became available to the United States market in 1988. Since that introduction, Shoprider has become one of the top brands in the mobility scooter industry with some of the most innovative designs.

Advanced features and, best of all, the very affordable pricing to the special needs consumer. 

Along with the accessories and mobility scooter parts, these are some of the most sought-after scooters, with a very powerful network of high-quality providers who is interested in the service of the consumers. 

Using some of the most advanced technology available on the market, Shoprider Mobility Products have become some of the most reliable in the industry today. 

Manufactured with some of the industry’s toughest quality standards and backed with a comprehensive warranty, it is easy to understand why Shoprider is an easy choice.

Shoprider Sunrunner Four Wheel Personal Travel Scooter Features

What Makes the Shoprider Sunrunner Great

With a 300-pound weight capacity, this model comes with the deluxe captain seat that swivels and slides to adjust and full tiller shroud. 

The adjustable tiller and headlight package helps round out the basic model. But you will also get your choice of blue or burgundy.

The four-wheel design Shoprider Sunrunner™ 4 is also great for the user that needs a little more luxury and stability for their everyday needs. 

With wonderful accessories like the wicker basket, rearview mirror, deluxe captain seat, and a full tiller shroud, this model is ready to go. 

It also boasts a deluxe captain seat. This adjustable seat can move both forward and back. It even swivels, allowing the owner to easily move off the scooter. 

As the Shoprider Sunrunner is equipped with a wicker basket, getting groceries or carrying belongings from place to place is a breeze.

The adjustable mirrors are helpful as well, effectively eliminating unnecessary accidents. Just like in a car, you can see exactly what is behind you. 

If you wish to use the Sunrunner at night, it also features a headlight package that can easily be assembled by the user.

What We Like

  • Affordable Price 
  • Top-quality
  • Dynamic brakes and speed control are some of the best we’ve come across
  • It comes completely assembled
  • The batteries are included in the price, and the shipping was fast.  

What We Don’t Like

  • The instructions are kind of confusing
  • The charger had issues out of the box (the scooter wouldn’t hold a charge). Fortunately, a call to customer support quickly resolved the problem
  • It would be nice if the scooter could move faster than 5 mph

Wrapping it Up

Implementing everyday tasks and chores can be difficult if you suffer from a health issue or are immobile.

However, the Shoprider Sunrunner makes moving from place to place simple and even enjoyable.

Overall, this Shoprider Sunrunner scooter looks attractive and works great. Those who purchase it in the future will be pleased with its performance.

Keep in mind that the length of time the scooter can go depends on the size and quality of the mobility scooter battery. The option to upgrade the battery to a larger size will also allow for a longer battery life.

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