Featherweight Wheelchair Review (2021)

featherweight wheelchair in garden

With tons of options on the market, finding a suitable wheelchair for your needs can be quite a tricky task.

Luckily, there are some decent options on the market that have gained decent popularity over time. One of these products is the Featherweight Wheelchair, so is it worth the money?

In today’s article, we’ll provide you with a Featherweight Wheelchair review, which will walk you through a brief insight into the features of the wheelchair so you can find out whether it’s the ideal one for your needs!

What You'll Learn...

Featherweight Wheelchair Features

While buying a wheelchair, some essential aspects need to be met to land a quality one. 

Let’s have a quick look at them and see how the Featherweight Wheelchair performs in each of them!

Size and Weight

The size and weight of a mobility chair are among its most important assets because it reveals a lot about its portability and ease of use.

As the name suggests, the Featherweight Wheelchair is one of the lightest wheelchairs that you can find on the market. 

The wheelchair weighs as little as 13.5 lbs without the removable rear wheels and about 19 lbs when they are attached.

In addition to being incredibly lightweight, the wheelchair is easily collapsible and takes a space of 29 x 23 x 12 inches when folded. This enables you to store them in a remarkably small area.

When unfolded, the seat width is about 18 inches, making it spacious enough for most builds.

Moreover, we like that the wheelchair comes with a travel bag, which makes the wheelchair incredibly portable and easy to take anywhere.

Durability and Construction

The Featherweight Wheelchair’s frame is made of high-grade aluminum. This makes it decently sturdy without weighing the chair down. 

The seats are also covered with stylish nylon, one of the most durable fabrics on the planet. Such a rugged construction allows the lightweight wheelchair to support weights up to 220 lbs.

The footrests are made of aluminum and plastic, which makes them lightweight and easy to use. However, it also makes the footrest a little flimsy for heavier legs.

Handling and Control

Since the wheelchair is extremely lightweight, you’ll be able to control it with relative ease. The wheelchair has a turning radius of 31.5 degrees and excellent proportions between the seat and the wheels.

Additionally, the wheelchair features two sets of brakes for both the user as well as the caregiver. 

The brakes stop the wheelchair efficiently at high speeds, but they’re a bit stiff when they’re used for the first few times.

The Wheels

The wheels on the chair are made of polyurethane, which is excellent for shock absorption and reduces the vibration when the wheelchair is moving on relatively rough terrain.

The rear wheels are fixed with a radius of 22 inches, while the front wheels move in all directions with a radius of 6 inches.

User Comfort

Both the seats and the backrests are padded with a 1-inch thick cushioning foam that makes them comfortable for long-term use. 

This also applies to the armrests, which cover the entire length of the armrest with padding to keep you comfortable in various positions.

The armrests are fixed, so it can be a little difficult to replace when the cushioning is flattened.

Safety Features

As previously mentioned, the two sets of brakes allow you to stop the wheelchair in any emergency. 

Moreover, the wheelchair comes with a standard wheel lock feature that prevents it from rolling over slopes. 

The polyurethane wheels are also flat-free. This means that you don’t have to worry about them popping on the road.

We also like that the wheelchair has an optional anti-tipping attachment, which is a set of small wheels that balances the back of the wheelchair to prevent it from tipping backward.

Price and Warranty

When it comes to pricing, the wheelchair has a relatively higher price tag than some options on the market. 

However, the extra price is justified by the quality of the wheelchair as well as the variety of unique features that it offers.

The wheelchair is also covered by a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and a six-month warranty on all other wearable parts. This adds a layer of security and value to your purchase.

What We Like

  • One of the lightest wheelchairs in the world, weighing as low as 13.5 lbs.
  • Highly foldable and comes with a travel bag for added portability
  • Comfortable seats and armrests with extra soft cushioning
  • Stylish design and comes in various color options
  • The easily removable wheels allow for a compact storage
  • Compatible with additional attachments for enhanced safety and control

What We Don’t Like

  • A bit pricey
  • The footrest feels a little flimsy 
  • The brake handle is a little stiff when you first use it


How long does the average manual wheelchair last?

The average lifespan of a manual wheelchair should be around 5 to 8 years. However, this average may extend longer or shorter depending on how you use the chair and the frequency of servicing and maintenance. The armrests and footrests might last a bit shorter than the wheelchair itself, so you might need to replace them with new ones every 3 to 5 years.

Is the Featherweight Wheelchair covered by medical insurance?

While many wheelchairs are covered by medical insurance companies, the answer here depends on the insurance company as well as the plan that you’re on. Make sure that you consult your insurance company and provide them with the doctor’s diagnosis and prescription. If the wheelchair is covered, the insurance company will reimburse you.

Wrapping it Up

With that said, you now have a better idea about the Featherweight Wheelchair and its unique selling points. 

As you can see, the wheelchair is one of the lightest on the planet, with some excellent features that boost your comfort and safety.

The excellent design and weight of the chair make it highly portable and easy to handle, so it’s a worthy choice in our book!

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