BUZZAROUND EX Extreme Mobility Scooter Review (2021)

buzzaround mobility scooter

BUZZAROUND makes some of the most popular electric mobility scooters on the market, such as the EX Extreme scooter.

So, does this one live up to the hype?

In today’s article, we’ll walk you through an in-depth review of the BUZZAROUND EX Extreme Mobility Scooter to help you find out more about it and see if it fits the bill for you!

What You'll Learn...

BUZZAROUND EX Extreme Mobility Scooter Features

Different buyers consider different priorities while choosing a mobility scooter depending on their needs.

The following section will show you how the scooter performs and what it promises, compared to other options on the market: 

Power and Performance

The BUZZAROUND EX Extreme comes with a 320 watts motor. Such a motor is powerful enough to provide the mobility scooter with a top speed of 5 miles per hour and a maximum inclination of 6 degrees.

The BUZZAROUND EX is rear-wheel drive, which gives the scooter a remarkably improved feel of corners and turns.

The mobility scooter also features electromagnetic brakes that stop the scooter as soon as you release the accelerator.

Additionally, it also has a drive mode knob that allows you to adjust the speed of the scooter, so you can maintain a consistent top speed without tiring your hands out.

Size and Weight

The EX Extreme scooter is 44 inches in length and 22 inches in width. This makes it slim enough to fit through most standard hallways and narrow shopping isles without sacrificing the space for comfortable seating.

The total weight of the mobility scooter is about 150 lbs, and it has a significantly high weight capacity of 350 lbs. 

Luckily, the whole scooter can be disassembled easily into six pieces, with the largest one weighing around 53 lbs. The small parts allow you to store the scooter in the trunk of a medium to a large-sized vehicle.


The mobility scooter is equipped with four equally sized flat-free tires. These tires are filled with shock-absorbing foam, which provides stability and reduces vibrations on rough terrains.

Moreover, both the front and rear wheels are supported by dedicated suspension systems to provide a silky smooth ride.

However, the scooter’s tires aren’t built to venture through uneven surfaces, such as grass and gravel, so the battery drains significantly quicker on such terrains.

Seats and Comfort

The seats on the EX Extreme are among the softest in this price range and are available in 18, 18.5, and 20-inch options. 

This also includes the backrest as well as the flip-back armrests. BUZZAROUND also offers an optional seatbelt for additional safety on the road.

Both the tiller and the captain’s seat are easily adjustable to provide a customized fit. The seat uses a simple mechanism similar to the one used in stadium seats, allowing you to adjust the seat’s height from 22 inches to 24 inches.

Battery Life

The BUZZAROUND EX Extreme is equipped with two special U1 batteries that are 12 volts each with a total capacity of about 35 amp hour. 

This allows the mobility scooter to have a remarkably long range of about 18 miles. The only problem with the battery is the charger. 

Unlike other models by BUZZAROUND, this model has an onboard charger, so you can’t take out the battery and charge it separately.

Extra Features and Accessories

The EX Extreme comes with a horn, which allows the rider to alert others and make way when passing by. The mobility scooter also features a front basket and is compatible with a mirror that is sold separately.

In addition to that, we like that the BUZZAROUND mobility scooter is available in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose the one that matches your taste!

Price and Warranty

With a massive battery that offers a huge range, remarkably high top speed, and a wide range of extra features, the BUZZAROUND EX Extreme is one of the biggest bangs for the buck when it comes to mobility scooters.

The value of the package doesn’t only stop here, BUZZAROUND also covers the scooter with an industry-standard lifetime structural warranty as well as a two-year limited warranty on both the motor and the electronics.

What We Like

  • An excellent value for its price
  • Features a high-speed motor 
  • Available in a variety of colors to suit the rider’s taste
  • A long-lasting battery with an excellent range
  • Adjustable seats and tillers 
  • High weight capacity
  • Bright LED headlights and taillights

What We Don’t Like

  • You can’t charge the battery separately
  • Doesn’t do well on uneven surfaces, like gravel or grass


What makes a good electric mobility scooter?

Ideally, any electric mobility scooter needs to offer a decent top speed as well as a long-lasting battery life that is beyond 6 to 8 miles per charge.
It should also have a suitable seat with a weight capacity high enough to fit the rider.
Yet, different users may prioritize various other features, such as portability, ease of disassembly and storage, and safety features. 
Luckily, mobility scooters are available at a wide range of prices, so there are suitable options for every budget.
Do you need to change the tires of the mobility scooter?
Unlike car tires, there’s no need to change the tires of the mobility scooter at a certain time or distance covered. 
Mobility scooters are also flat-free, so they’re highly unlikely to go flat upon hitting a nail or other sharp objects. 
Yet, you might need to replace the wheels if you notice any signs of excessive wear that are affecting the scooter’s performance.


If you’re looking for a reliable electric mobility scooter that offers some of the best features on the market without costing you an arm and a leg, you’re going to love the BUZZAROUND EX Extreme Mobility Scooter.

This scooter offers a high top speed and a remarkably lengthy range thanks to its powerful battery with high capacity. 

Not only that, but it is also one of the most customizable mobility scooters on the market because it allows you to adjust the seat and tiller height and come in a variety of beautiful colors.

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